The Hippest Little Wedding Chapel this side of Vegas


Want to know who the people are that we love working with, check them out below.

We do only work with the best of so everyone on this list A GRADE certified, all are featured vendors throughout the industry and beyond (so what we’re saying is that they’re good, like really good)


Miranda Stokkel.jpg

Miranda Stokkel

They say ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’ - Well Miranda is well and truly our vibe. More than that, Miranda is an amazing photographer who is fast developing reputation as on the best in Melbourne


Briars atlas

Oli is famous for many things - His photography is the most prominent of these, but so too is his newly formed pony tail and his propencity to use ‘M8’ in texts. And despite what this pic of him suggests he is actually a true legend within [and without] the industry.


one spoon two spoon - Hailey Birch

We like to think of ourselves as one of Melbourne’s hidden gems…Hailey Birch is another hidden gem. Everyone who sees her work agrees that she is top shelf vintage stuff, she’s also just so super lovely too


Free the bird - jai long

Look up ‘cool cat’ in the dictionary and you’ll find this guy. Also look up ‘Photography wizard’ and you will once again find this guy. Renowned as Melbourne’s leading wedding photographer, but it’s easy to see why


Jen McNair

When lifestyle meets travel meets cool landscapes meets weddings. That’s where you will find this talented lady taking in all aspects of a wedding. We love Jen and her work in and around the Melbourne suburbs so much


Kitty Wursthorn

A fellow Schoolhouse Studio resident of ours, Kitty has shot many of The Altar Electric’s weddings so she is a close friend of ours. She is an artist in every sense of the word which also includes a Fine Arts degree.


Other Cool Cats

Fat and Skinny.JPG

Fat and skinny - catering

Every industry needs their linchpins, so when it comes to catering in Melbourne, these ladies are truly ‘the business’. Naomi has been working weddings and making them unreal for over 16 years…there’s a reason why she’s our go to.


heartbreak hotel - photobooth

So we’ve already mentioned Jai from Free The Bird, well this is his Photobooth and it’s just as cool as he is. In fact if The Altar Electric were to be reincarnated as a Photobooth, this would be it


Good grace and humour - florals

Award winning and renowned plant/flower wizard is how we would describe Megsy from Good Grace and Humour…I think you guys would simply describe her work as stunning

The Arbourists.png

The arbourists - arbours

We’ve already mentioned Oli as a photgrapher. In this one he has teamed up with Matt to create the most incredible and happening Neon Arbours…these make any wedding photo POP!


Good day club - Styling and hire

The signage on their truck says it all - Rad events for rad people. They could also add the line of - by Rad People. We love the crew at Good Day, they are the ones responsible for our chapel design and set-up. Check them out


Torte by mirjana - cakes

There’s wedding cakes and then there’s wedding cake artistry. The key to a great cake is for it to look so good you don’t want to eat, and for it to taste so great you’re so grateful you did eat it…that’s Mirjana’s work


bloom boy - florist

Ross is the kind of florist who just ‘gets us’ and our vibe. He’s someone not affraid to dish out a splash of colour in a way that you never thought of before and makes it work everytime

Kate McLeary.jpg

Kate Mcleary- hair and Make-up

We describe as Kate as simply - Legend, She says I have always loved all things Hair & Make-up. Mums hair spray at 5, a pot of glitter at 10 & my first lipstick at 15. I was hooked and it was clear I had found my calling.


Lunar red films - Video

We challenge you to find someone as talented as this fellow with a bigger heart. Carlo is seriously passionate about what he does and this shows in the quality of the footage he produces…one of our nearest and dearest


Bridget sophie studio - hair and make-up

Is there’s one person who is more obssessed with our Vegas vibes it’s this lady. If there’s one grou who couldn’t be more obssessed with her hair and make-up skills it’s us! Go and see her insta and you’ll see 100% why we’re saying this


Fiona middleton - hair and make-up

Fiona Middleton has been painting faces for about 15 years. She loves her job, particularly the sense of collaboration ”I do love the opportunity to create a fabulous make up look that complements the vibe of the person'“


Melissa Maier - Make up

Straight off the catwalk into her own studio, her massive personality is matched by her serious skills. She has brought her experience to the fore as one of the premier artists in Melbourne