What started as a conversation over coffee one day…

Operating since 2017, The Altar Electric has quickly established a reputation for being Melbourne's most rocking way to get hitched. 

This revolutionary concept is the brainchild of three Melbourne celebrants (Dee Brinsmead, Anthony Cribbes and Sarah Dobson) who realised  there was a gap in the market for lovers who just didn't want a big white wedding.

They wanted something small and simple but with a bit more heart and soul than what was on offer at the registry office. So Dee, Anthony and Sarah had a lightbulb moment and thought, 'Let's do registry style weddings that really rock’.

And we'll do them in an amazing space that reflects the vibe and energy of our generation.' 

And so, The Altar Electric was born.  

These low fuss nuptials are truly some of the most heartfelt moments they've ever experienced as celebrants. There is something so real and romantic about small weddings. The rawness of it all, kinda takes your breath away. It's a privilege to be a part of such an incredible moment. 

Our Celebrants

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Dee - Marry Me Dee

Meet our little mate, Dee a.k.a Marry Me Dee. She’s known for her big shoes, sequins and gun fingers – don’t worry though, you won’t need to duck for cover, she’s a lover not a fighter. Dee’s a little bit kooky and a bit of a creative… who are we kidding, she’s a whole lotta both! Most of all she has a big heart (quite literally she owns a big furry one that she wears sometimes) she promises to marry the s%*t out of you. Boom!

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Sarah - Mrs Hitch

Hey it’s Sarah or as she’s known around the traps here - Mrs Hitch! Her hair is big. And so is the energy and authenticity she brings to her ceremonies. Sarah loves a good wine, a good laugh and a good time. But most of all, she loves a good yarn; she loves hearing them, writing them, sharing them… occasionally re-telling them as her own…(WHAT?! Never! Well, definitely not yours, anyway…) Let her tell your lil’ love story.

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Anthony - The Rev

The resident Reverend of TAE - Anthony Cribbes - not ordained in any sort of religion…just a self applied moniker that he doesn’t want to shake – He’s a celebrant, full-time wedding groupee and wannabe rock star (just don’t ask him to sing). He’s all about creating ceremonies with high voltage feels and totally amping up those lovin' vibes. He’s dedicated to bringing that loving feeling so why not get hitched Cribbesy style!

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