How much should a wedding really cost?

LITTLE WEDDINGS – What’s the buzz?


Well, they bloody rock! And can be a fuss free, low stress, cost-effective alternative for the savvy couple.


You see, weddings these days just ain’t cheap. In years gone by, you’d rock down to your local church or get your local celebrant (usually in an apricot pantsuit and silly hat) to marry you in a long-winded affair and carry on your celebrations at a function centre specializing in alternate beef/chicken service and fancy chair sashes. In the age of Instagram and the ubiquitous #weddinghashtag, the millennial crowd are forking out an absolute fortune to ensure their big day has it all – custom signage, extravagant styling, personalized bridesmaids robes, hand-dyed serviettes, yada, yada, YADA. Uh-huh, in 2018, weddings are BIG BUSINESS. In fact, Bride to Be Magazine reports that the average cost of an Australian wedding is $65,482 (INSERT JAW-DROP). Now, just take a moment to retrieve your jaw from the ground and think about all the things you could do with that amount of cash – epic overseas adventures (heck, you could probs even buy a share in a small Caribbean island), a house deposit, a luxury car (or about 7 second-hand Corolla’s), ALL THE SMASHED AVOCADO YOU COULD EVER DREAM OF!!!!!! 


Yup, the options are endless.


And this is why the trend of small weddings is growing legs and running at extraordinary speed. More and more couples are cottoning onto the fact that you just don’t need a huge guest-list and a huge price tag to make your love legit. All you actually need is each other, two witnesses and a certified marriage celebrant. Save your mula for future adventures or for a banging party with your crew afterwards.


So, if a wicked wedding without the wedding price tag sounds like your jam, get in contact with The Altar Electric – we’ll give you ALL THE FEELS with none of the wedding-y fuss. And’s that’s a vow.